Apple iPhone 2019 Price, Specs, Release Date, Features And All You Need To Know

In 2019, what will be Apple’s plans for the iPhone series? Given that the company just only recently changed the design of their flagship iPhone lineup, a design that hasn’t seen much of a change since 2014, what are we going to get this time around? Well, the short answer, an all-glass device with a notch up top, new features and rumored to have an array of cameras. The long answer, read on to find out.

Apple iPhone 2019 Rumor Roundup

Apple started innovating on the iPhone lineup with the introduction of iPhone X in 2017 which brought major changes to the lineup, with an edge to edge display, the notch up top and removal of touch id for face id. In 2018, Apple extended this lineup with three new models, the iPhone XS, XS Max, and the XR, 5.8 inch, 6.5 inch, and 6.1-inch phones respectively. As per rumors, Apple is expected to continue this offering keeping the OLED panels on iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max, and the same IPS LCD panel on the iPhone XR successor, what Apple will this model isn’t known at this time.

The 2019 iPhones will be fitted with the latest silicone, A13 from TSMC and as we have been witnessing over the years, the performance and efficiency improvement will be phenomenal across the board.

iPhone 2019
iPhone 2019

Apple iPhone 2019, iPhone XI Series Displays

Apple’s move to OLED panels was a welcome addition, one that everybody has been waiting for. As per the display mate review, the OLED panel on the new iPhone XS Max is perfected to textbook clarity. The tech talk aside, we all love the displays and the Apple will continue this improvement in 2019 as well. The iPhone XI will be the more modest of the devices, keeping the handheld nature to its name. The 5.8-inch display will get all the tweaks of the century, the OLED panel and true tone display keeping the display natural and offering vibrancy across. The notch will stay the same with improved sensors for better facial mapping.

Apple iPhone 2019
Apple iPhone 2019

The iPhone XI Max is going to be a 6.5-inch mammoth giving up one-handed use for the display size and keeping other features similar to the iPhone XI. The iPhone XI R (successor to the XR) will keep the same 6.1 inch LCD display as a more affordable choice in the lineup. The interesting fact, however, is the rumor surrounding these models. Like the omission of 3D touch in the iPhone XR, Apple will likely remove this feature across the entire lineup. This could also mean that the XI and XI Max might come with a virtual touch display, the ability to use the display at a distance of 50mm as per the rumors

Apple iPhone 2019,iPhone XI Series Camera

Continuing the trend, Apple’s 2019 iPhone lineup will offer more in terms of mobile photography than last year. Ever since it’s incorporation the dual camera system on the iPhone, it has become an industry not only in the Apple lineup but also on the Android side as well, though Google Pixel 3 XL continues to impress with their single camera module. As per the rumors, the iPhone XI and XI Max might come with a triple camera sensor, allowing for better depth sensing and better optical zoom. Although there have been rumors about using a time of flight depth sensing system, it doesn’t hold up to the standards used by Apple and might not yield better pictures. We’re expecting the iPhone XI and XI Max to come with a triple 12 Megapixel camera for improved mobile photography.

The iPhone XI R will incorporate a dual lens just like the previous iterations and the front camera on all of these models coming in at 8 Megapixels with improved sensors. The true depth camera for face id will also get a boost this time around (not a big surprise form Apple).

Apple iPhone 2019, iPhone XI Series Hardware and Other Features

Like the previous iPhone X series, the 2019 models will get a spec bump and just like every year, there will performance and efficiency across the models. Apple will be going with their new A13 chipset provided by TSMC, chip manufacturers for the company. Like the A11, A12, the A13 will be a workhorse of a chip improving performance and efficiency across the board. The new chipset will enable better depth sensing and camera features on the iPhone models. This also aligns with the rumor that the Apple iPhone 2019 models might come with a triple camera setup.

All new 2019 iPhone
All new 2019 iPhone

Other possible features that have been floating on the internet is virtual touch which enables the touch to be used at a distance of 50mm.

Apple iPhone 2019 Series Release Date

Apple has been sticking with their same launch cycle for the past couple of years and this is not going to change anytime soon. This means that the iPhone XI, iPhone XI Max and iPhone XI R (naming not clear yet for the iPhone XR) will launch in September 2019 with phone availability starting from October of the same year.

Apple iPhone 2019 Price

This is also something that we have been witnessing Apple change every time. The current iPhone X series’ price is staggering and sadly it’s not going to change anytime soon. The iPhone XI and XI Max is rumored to start at a price tag of $999 and $1200 respectively while the affordable iPhone XI R will start at $800 this time around. With this price tag, the iPhone XI and XI Max, 2019 iPhone models, and the iPhone XR will be a true premium device to afford.